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Feel a NEW dimension of the Internet

The best, unlimited, fast internet in Cashel

Are you fed up of paying through the nose for a slow unreliable broadband connection just because you live in a poorly serviced area?
What if there was a cheaper way to browse the net, update your status and laugh at those cat videos?
Well now there is.
MyNET is a bidirectional high speed Wireless internet service that eliminates the need for telephone lines.

So what are you waiting for?

Getting This?buffering

Annoying isn’t it…???

Our internet services are always fast and will make you forget what buffering is.

Unlike other providers, we have no data caps, no contracts, no bundling non sense and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Experience the difference and make the switch today!


Our High Speed Wireless Internet Service is great for streaming movies, online schooling, web-surfing, online gaming, E-mailing and so much more!

Make the switch to MyNET where your satisfaction is guaranteed!

No Contracts, No Data Caps, No Bundles and no hidden charges, just great service from a local company that cares.



Don’t get frustrated!

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With My Net , Internet has really come of age.
This is an affordable package that uses cutting edge technology to deliver high-speed internet with unrivaled reliability. While you may have Internet at your home, you are probably like other families around that can’t enjoy it due to slow connection speed, limits, getting constantly bumped offline, and waiting for annoying buffering while you watch something on You TUBE or try to up-load pictures or other heavy files to the network.

MyNET is designed for individuals’ homes and small business 

just €29.00 /per month ( inc. VAT)


With a fast and stable connection, playback should be seamless. However, a high demand can make streaming video a real chore as you’re interrupted every few seconds… So, does upgrading to a fiber fast broadband do away with bothersome buffering? NO, It doesn’t !!! A fast landline connection doesn’t guarantee smooth streaming though, as there are other factors at play. Remember that when you sign up for broadband, the speed advertised isn’t necessarily the speed you’ll get. For instance, just because you sign up for a 24Mb connection, it doesn’t guarantee your speed will be 24Mb, it guarantees 24Mb would be the maximum you could get.


Looking at new ways of doing thinks is what makes us human.

NEW create society.

NEW converted the silicon to the semiconductor and semiconductor to the computer.

NEW is constantly changing the way life works, like NEW make internet from MyNET.

Now You can go places you never have been, see things you couldn’t see before and play whenever you like…

-that’s the beauty of NEW from MyNETUnlimited Internet for less than €1  per day.


 We do internet different way

- check it for FREE!!!   – u gonna love the


Getting On-line with MyNET couldn’t be easier . All you need is a small antenna outside your home or office and our smart Wi-Fi router inside. Engineers, fully trained and equipped, will be fully accredited by MyNET . Installation will be by agreed appointment with you. We would expect to complete installation in one visit and all outstanding documentation will need to be completed prior to accessing the service.