MyNET - Who we are and how we started?

It all started from a cup of tea

MyNet Irish Internet Provider has its office based in Cashel and is running since August 2013. It was founded by three people: Mario, Thomas and Yvonne.

The story begins when from a conversation over a cup of tea. We were saying how bad our internet was and how much money we had to pay for it. So basically it started from complaining and that proves that it’s not always the case that there is no use in complaining.

As many other people we were paying over 100 euro monthly for internet which wasn’t great because we are living just outside of the town. As we were looking for a solution to solve our complaint we asked ourselves: Why stop there?

That’s when we decided to not just help ourselves but to help others by starting a business and providing proper internet to the rural areas of Ireland.

Since then we started treating this business as a mission. It became our mission not just to get customers but to help all people who had the same complaint about their internet as we used to. Our competitors are still only interested in the major urban centers. We have developed a cost-effective and sustainable method of delivering high-quality broadband connectivity to areas not currently served by existing providers. We use modern transmission equipment, suitable for use in harsh weather conditions and technical specifications. The quality parameters and performance guarantee reliability and long-term effects

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