Device Repair

Repairs and maintenance services

MyNet have a team of technicians fully equipped with all the necessary equipment and technology to get your machines and devices up and running again when they let you down. If it’s not working or doing its job correctly we can help you! Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you.

Our most common services are listed below.

* All computer & laptop repairs and maintenance, screens, keyboards, liquid damage, power supply replacements, hard drive upgrades/replacements and anything else. You name it we can fix it.

* Phone and tablet repairs, you name it we can fix it.

computer repairs

* Operating system repairs & re-installations

* Virus & malware removal* System optimization & tune up

* Anti virus installation

* Spyware protection

* Internet security

* Hardware & software upgrades

* Software & security installation & updates

* Data recovery/transfer



You name it, we can fix it!


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