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At MyNet we understand that downtime is simply not an option for businesses as we become increasingly dependent on technology. We tailor our IT support packages to suit your specific business needs as every company is different! We analyse the way your network and systems run and allocate appropriate expertise to manage it through a single point of contact. Like with all the services provided here at MyNet we pride ourselves in service quality, flexibility and transparency while saving you money wherever possible!

Support1Phone support

Our technicians are readily available to assist you upon your request. With industry leading response times your issues or requests will be dealt with and resolved to the highest standard promptly.


 Remote network administration


With MyNet’s remote network administration services we essentially act as your IT department. We will provide you with a remote network administrator who will be your single point of contact for all your requests and IT issues. For the small monthly fee we provide you with a team of professional technicians who are at your disposal and ready to solve issues and serve you upon request.


c2cbackupBackup support

In the modern day information is the life blood of any business. We provide the services of insuring and monitoring the backup that vital information, insuring that your information is safe. We assist you and make you aware of your data and backup requirements and depending on budget we have different procedures to insure data is always safe.

 Hardware maintenance5989077 orig

We provide professional hardware maintenance services to clients all over Ireland. With our team of technicians continuously being up-skilled to stay ahead of new technology we are prepared for any service requirements you may have from desktops and servers to print and operating system issues we have EVERYTHING covered with our hardware maintenance services.

network maintenance services 250x250Network Maintenance

With our network maintenance service our highly skilled professional engineers are working for you allowing your internal human and financial resource to be re-focused on more critical projects. For a support solution that meets your requirements, our team will start by assessing your network. Focusing on infrastructure and equipment as well as security, performance and domains. They will then put together a network maintenance plan that will drive your business forward.


 Hour bankclock close up

With the MyNet hour bank option this allows you to purchase your IT needs for the year up front at a reduced rate! When you don’t use your full allocation of hours in the year, you can use them for extra consultation, project work or even rolled over to the following year. This support option is extremely popular and useful for businesses, schools and colleges who manage there budget very tightly and need to know what the total expense will be for the year.





Prices in this table are +Vat @ 13.5%

10 HOURS €60.00
20 HOURS €55.00
30 HOURS €50.00
40 HOURS €40.00

 Advantages of the hour bank service

Our hourly rates are the lowest you will find with the highest standard of service and our hour bank option is extremely useful for companies who need to know there expense in this area up front. It is also a cheaper option for companies who know they will require a particular amount of IT support throughout the year and as you can add more hours to your bank at any time you don't have to worry about taking more hours than you need. The hours will always be available to you for any purpose and can be used individually or in blocks for big jobs, you decide. Pricing on the hour bank services are listed in the table on the left. Normal callout rate is 75 + VAT per hour.

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