Residential Internet

With My Net, Internet has really come of age.

We offer affordable packages that use cutting edge technology to deliver high-speed internet with unrivaled reliability. While you are waiting on your YouTube videos to buffer, we can make it simple and arrange installation of our high spped service with no risk. Installation fee is a €149 one-off payment. No additional cost. You pay for exactly what you get. Unlimited internet access for less than €1 a day!

If you simply need fast, unlimited and reliable internet connection even though you live far from the exchange, with substandard internet cable – We offer you a top quality solution with the following options:

*Risk FREE – 30-day 100% money back guarantee

If your needs are greater than 8 Mb, we can customize a package especially for you!!!

MyNET is designed for individual's homes and businesses

Our New wireless routers get you on line throughout your home with your laptops or smartphones with superb wireless coverage. Our smart signal technology scans for interferences from other devices in your home and chooses the best WiFi channel to make sure you always maintain the best signal available.

Getting On-line with MyNET couldn’t be easier. All you need is a small antenna outside your home or office and our smart Wi-Fi router inside. Your visiting engineers, are fully trained and equipped, fully accredited by MyNET. Installation will be by agreed appointment with you. We would expect to complete installation in one visit and all outstanding documentation will need to be completed prior to accessing the service.

 Feel a NEW dimension of the Internet – You're gonna love the difference

There’s no need to schedule or wait for an appointment. We provide everything you need to install your MyNET.

 Just let us know, and our technician will come to your house to take care of everything.

Dedicated to Your Business Internet Access

It couldn't be simpler. Choose from our three feature-packed wireless broadband commercial packages, all at fantastic prices and backed with award-winning service. No fuss, no bother, just great internet and fantastic service 24/7.

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