Special Offer

fast internet in cashel2

Free yourself from phone line forever.

In the 21st century , internet has become a part of our daily lives.

The digital mania has engulfed the entire globe.

Can you imagine a day without social networking with friends via Facebook or Twitter?

Well , most will not be able to imagine a day without internet use.

It is true that still a huge amount of people do not have the opportunity to connect to the Internet….

… but MyNet is changing this scenario right now as we offer superfast internet at less than €1 per day.

Our goal is to offer high speed unlimited internet access to rural areas and communities.

Mynet will really transform your expectations of internet quality & reliability.

Internet by MyNet is a service of the people , for the people and by the people.

That’s why we have prepared a special Limited Offer – Simply stated,

the more members we have, the better the service we can deliver.

Looking at new ways of doing things is what makes the human race evolve and progress.

Not only has MyNet created a new way to access the internet, we will constantly seek out new ways to add to the services we provide.

That’s the beauty of  MyNETUnlimited, Fast Internet for less than €1 per day.

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